I’m sure that i’m not the only one super impressed with 2014’s Autumn and winter trends?! I’ts like all our dreams rolled into one big box of awesome ‘this is in fashion-ness!’

We are looking at super exciting staple pieces that frankly who wouldn’t want in their wardrobe?! I’m going to be dressing in boho, over sized knits, textured adornments, layers and blanket shawls forever!…well..until we get our next freakish heatwave! But anyway enough of the excited gushing, here are your Staple’s for 2014:

Colours are ranging from psychedelic brights and patterns, bright blue’s and deep dusky vampy shades to primary pastels, camels, creams and whites to grey’s. It doesn’t seem right to wearing all blacks when everything luxe and sparkly gorgeous is in right now.

Your going to want an over-sized or cocoon coat, not only are they comfy as hell and warm, they are practical for covering our dithering limbs when the next load of snow dumps itself on our heads.

Layers upon layers, polo necks under dresses, over tights, under knee high socks, under bad-ass boots. Who said we have give up our dresses and pins?! The options are endless with layering, you can keep those wide legged drafty trousers you were in love with in summer and wear them with tights underneath!

Your going to want punchy prints to adorn your body, it can be anything, id get a printed piece in all areas: a bag, a scarf, a dress, a skirt, trousers and a coat. that way you can mix looks up with plains and switch around accessories etc. However, floral two piece suits are taking the catwalk by storm. how brave are you?

Be bold and get yourself a few statement pieces of jewellery, 3D, Bauhaus inspired pieces are hot right now, even some Chunky tribal inspired pieces will bring a flare of Bohemia, Parisian chic to an outfit.

Go and fall in love with folk! I mean HOW pretty is all that floral, faux fur, browns, suede and hippie, combo?! I’ts so sizzling right now! Id get a maxi skirt in a dusky dark colour, with some woolly tights underneath to team with my fave floaty long sleeve top or chunky knit, throw a leather over it and some sweet ankle boots, a patterned bag and a tassel scarf and voila! you’ve got yourself, girl next door, festival chic, winter savvy babe look!

Oh and don’t forget the gorgeous blanket shawls which you can team with almost everything.

You can have a browse through Love the Look’s, What to wear Pinterest boards to get a jist of what pieces go with what and the styles of whats in at the moment:


Happy browsing, and have fun grabbing your winter staple pieces!

katie x