IMG_8860 (2)Well it would of been rude not to do a blog on this considering its Woodstock’s 45th anniversary in August; tie-dye revival was pretty much written in the stars!

Designers have given this technique a hip rinse and spin, think lilac leather bell bottom’s. You cant really go wrong with a bit of tie-dye, its pretty much creativity at it’s swirly best.

I’m always wishing I could make my own clothes but sewing machines scare me and clothes patterns confuse me to no end; however give me some elastic bands and bleach/ink and I’m like a kid in a sand pit!

If your really good at following YouTube ‘how-to’s’ you could even come out of the experience with a pattern! I prefer the random technique, you don’t get many surprises in life and there’s nothing better than unravelling your newly tie-dyed item with zero expectations of how it should look-just wonderment!

You can even layer tie-dyes without much distress, you know that moment where your attempting double denim and you have the uncomfortable realisation that you might not be pulling it off? -Well double tie-dye- no problems at all; the more swirls the better I say!

You could take this look into the night by swapping the boots for some chunky wooden platforms or clogs, shove your hair up in messy buns and sling a leather over the top.

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Happy tie-dyeing!!