You cant beat a good jumpsuit, they are the most efficient piece of clothing a woman can wear! We love this punchy pink one ivancica25 is wearing:


It’s a glorious summer colour, and teamed perfectly with pastel pink accessories. Most people run away from wearing bright colours but it should be something we train ourself to do; not only does it put some colour in your cheeks it lifts you up and believe it or not gives you a confidence boost! Your brain might be telling you you stick out and everyone’s looking but you will find they are looking because you look great! Like ivancica25 here!

My best friend Sarah used to hate coming shopping with me as I always went for earth tones; you would only ever see me pick up dark colours. Mostly due to the reason of not being confident enough to wear bright’s, but as I got older I became comfortable with my boho earthy ways and now enjoy adding splashes of colour to my wardrobe! Do yourself a favour if you are like I was and get yourself something different and daring- you wont regret it, I promise!