Publisher Information

Here’s the deal:

• You integrate our software onto your website or blog
• You choose which images you want to be “Loved” by us
• We update your images to show your readers where to buy the clothes shown in your images
• When your readers click through and buy, you get commission
• All for Free


Let’s Look At That In a Bit More Depth

Once our technology is installed on your site:

  1. You can easily select any of your images to be “Loved”.
  2. As soon as they are processed, the images will be updated so that shopping opportunities appear upon readers hovering over it.

This works as follows:

  1. Your images will appear exactly as normal, aside from a small logo which lets the reader know it has been “Loved”.
  2. When your reader hovers over a image, the different items of clothing will be automatically highlighted.
  3. When the reader hovers over one of the highlighted items, they will be shown a list of places where that item (and visually similar items) can be bought online.

Check out this example to see how it works.

Notice how the image only displays information when you interact with it.


Here are the answers to some common questions we get:

So, what’s in this for me?

Well, each time somebody clicks through and buys any of the clothes that show, we split the commission with you 50/50.

What will this cost me?

Absolutely nothing, our software is free to install and use.

What are the advantages of this over standard advertising?

Well, it has the potential to make a lot more money, as it provides far more relevant products. It is also far less intrusive, as it doesn’t appear as a banner, and is far more integrated into your content.

Is it complicated to install?

Not at all, simply head over to our Installation Guide and go from there!