About LoveTheLook

Here at LoveTheLook, we have a vision: we want everybody to be able to shop at the speed of sight.

You see a post on a fashion Blog, an article in a magazine, or even just somebody in the street, and wonder where to get that look.
LoveTheLook can break that look down, direct you to each individual item, and all from within the comfort of your own home.

With LoveTheLook you shop the visible. See it. Want it. Get it.

With our help:

• Shoppers get precisely what they want
• Retailers generate more sales
• Publishers find new revenue streams
• Shoppers easily buy the items they like

Publishers can easily integrate our technology into their content for Free, earning commission for each sale they generate.
Retailers will receive new customers who wouldn’t have otherwise found them.

We Are Very Excited About The Future

Based in the UK and growing rapidly, here’s what we’ve got coming soon:

• Exciting New Features
• Greater Automation
• Many More Retailers

It is our belief that every web user should be able to find precisely what they want in an instant.
It is what keeps us awake at night and gets us up in the morning.

The technology is coming, and we want you to be a part of the story.

Let’s look at a simple example where we have taken product cut outs in a montage:


Let’s break this on-the-street example down further:

Hot-spots are only visible on rollover, so you create an unobtrusive experience for the user; however, they get a greater experience should they wish to explore further.

Research has shown that interactive images are more than likely to generate more revenue than static images. Many sites have hundreds if not thousands of images, all of which are earning opportunities for the site owner.